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I like Heroes IV !
by Bella Hella
16th of May, 2002
Bella Hella
Heroes IV with creatures every day - how cool is that?
I just got the game on sunday, and so far that is one of my favorite things about it.
Thank god, no more "week of the plague" (the day when you can finally afford the 10 arch devils you've been saving up for).

I'm not even close to knowing how everything works yet (uh... caravan?) but I have to applaud some of the new game changes (not including things like graphics, which i think are also great).

- creatures every day! YEAH!
- being able to send out creatures instead of travelling all the way the frig back to your castle
- being able to choose between several types of heroes, and getting to pick what they look like
- the new magic system/schools of magic
- being able to have multiple heroes in your army
- new skills such as nobility
- new artifact system (LOVE IT - makes so much more sense than before)
- heroes that can attack! >:-D

I like the elements of Heroes 2 that were brought back, too. Another cool thing - having to design your army carefully. This actually requires some thought, instead of "I have 25 arch angels! I RULE THE WORLD!" and the new class system is neat too (although I have to question the usefulness of some of the class bonus).

All in all, I think the game rocks.