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First of all I want to tell that with any town you are playing on big maps, I prefer a might hero, and on small maps a magic hero but usually I don't play on them (the game is too short). On big maps a might hero can crash a magic one only with basic spells thanks to the attack and defence, if you can good he can get almost as good with spells as the magic one.  

Here is a list of skills I consider to be the best:

Wisdom, diplomacy, air magic, earth magic, logistics, leadership, pathfinding, tactics, offence and if you have lots of ranged units  - archery. 

-Wisdom expert (you can use dimension door, town portal you can use to travel long distance and also very powerful attack spells) 

-Diplomacy expert (on big maps usually are lots of powerful creatures which can join you for money or for free) 

-Air magic expert (there are some good mass spells here, and you can use dimension door several times a day)

-Earth magic expert (also good mass spells and you can teleport in any town you own if you have town portal spell)

-Logistics expert (increase your hero movement)

-Leadership expert (increase your troops moral in combat and some creatures can join you for free)

-Pathfinding expert (increase your hero movement on snow, swamp and lava)

-Tactics expert (you can move forward or arrange your troops in battle)

-Offence expert (increase the attack of your troops)

-Archery expert (reduce the penalty of your ranged troops)

Here is in my opinion a top of the best towns:

  1.Castle (great creatures, heroes, they start always on grass, griffin conservatories where you can rescue angels)

  2.Stronghold (Great creatures, heroes and with a little luck you can have behemoths in 3-th or 4-th day)

  3.Rampart (good troops, great heroes, they start on grass)

  4.Dungeon (good creatures but not so good heroes and they are not what they use to be in HoMM 2)

  5.Necropolis (lots skeletons which can win the battle)

  6.Tower (good creatures but not so good heroes, lost of spells, as the Dungeon they are not what they use to be in HoMM 2)

  7.Inferno (good hand to hand creatures, you can fine a good hero too but they have no good ranged creatures and start on lava)

  8.Conflux (good spells, can buy skills and the 7-th level creatures growth +4, but they are weak)

  9.Fortress (I don't like this town, maybe just the mighty gorgons, but overall they have to many handicaps)

~ Bizu
My opinion...
by Bizu
the 16th of March, 2001