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Legend of the Dragon
by BES
10th of March, 2002
BES the Black Dragon
You were born as a dragon and felt yourself strong,
The proud and noble ideal,
The only one creature the world has belong,
You'll die and the world wouldn't be real.
But the ultimate end is waiting ahead,
You'll be dead and the world will forget.

You dream of the valor and glory and honor,
You feast with friends and battle with evil.
Tomorrow is far, tomorrow is never,
You're busy with life and forget of your peril -
Your life could be long but it isn't forever.

Somewhere there behind starry skies
The ones who decide who to live, who to die
Got bored with you and cut all the ties
And Dragon is dead, he never will fly.

All dreams, all ideals, all hopes and plans
Are broken, forgotten and dust,
The moment you've lived has come to the ends
And now the legend can start.
The Dragon reborn