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by Lady Dragon
16th of January, 2002
The land of the sacred Doll,
Tempting, but closed by the Elven Lore.
Quatl, Arch, Centaur and Troll -
All failed in their search for the closed Doll.

Its harbour, the City of Tears
Was opened for merchants all of these years,
But beyond that, The Hidden Land
Was never bothered by a foreigner's foot or hand.

Alas for the noble Elves,
Dwarves, the cunning race, made it end.
They came to the hidden dells;
Joyous they were when looked at the land.

Beyond the forests so old
The high peaks of the Red Mountains loomed.
Sweet Waters, its guardian and the last stronghold,
Yet the ore of Kharaghutt was doomed.

By Archs Iron Red it was called;
With Trolls Stone of Blood was what they said;
And the  Elves used the name Ruby Gold;
Kharaghutt was the thing for the Dwarves to be had.

Long did the Dwarves dream to mine it,
Only in Doll Kharaghutt could be found,
Now that explorers were sure that they sighted,
Ready to mine to the Doll they were bound.

The Dwarves journeyed northwards so swiftly
Evading all ears and eyes completely.
And in five days time thay had reached it quickly -
The Red Mountains, where Kharaghutt was hidden deeply.

By what luck none could say in Orul,
But not a soul knew of those Dwarves,
Like a shadow lapsing in the night's full
They passed unseen by many groves.

A messenger across the mountains was sent
To the Heads of the Dwarven Tribes;
The Dwarves were mining and on they went
Unaware of the watchful eyes from the skies.

Eyes belonging to Pegasi,
The winged horses of the Elves,
Befriended by bonds considered heresy,
They flew back to tell the friends.

"King and Queen, intruders are afoot!" was the word
They spoke when they've reached the royal court.
"In the Northern Mountains, Dwarves from the West?"
Exclaimed King Lavien at this sudden pest.

"Ride swift, ride swift to those rocks!"
The Queen says to friends,
"Flush them out with the curse of hawks,
Take all Ruby Gold away from greedy hands!"

The Elves obeyed and mounted at once
To teach the Dwarves respect and bordery.
Yet, when they reached the grounds
To their surprise the Dwarves abandoned weaponry.

"Sorry, neighbors, simple curiosity,"
They said and forgot of ferocity.
The Elves led them back to their land
But for a while watched closely with Pegasi at hand.

Yet even now the Dwarves attempt such things again
And get caught by guards who watch the realm;
For digging-mining-exploring is their life
And they'll never let the hope die without a decent