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BES asked me to write something about Might and Magic 9. I really do not want to spoil any in this writing but will give some observations.

For an experienced MM player, there will be some getting used to the new 3D interface. I would suggest that you use the 'F1' key and remap the keyboard to be able to play more like the older games.

WARNING: There is a bug in version 1.0 of the game. You must enter the keep on the TOP level, and you must not leave until you have cleared out the entire keep. If you do leave and return you will not be able to finish the keep.

If you have not downloaded the patch, you may do so from the page of  3DO Support.

Or if not able to download from 3DO try on my Site.

You will create four heroes for the game. These heroes will start as Initiate or Fighter then you will choose their promotions as follows:


Initiate to Healer or Scholar then
Healer to Priest or Druid
Scholar to Mage or Lich


Fighter to Mercenary or Crusader then
Mercenary to Gladiator or Assassin
Crusader to Ranger or Paladin

When you talk to the promoters, you must choose which one of your characters is to be promoted at the time you talk to the promoter. If you don't do this, you won't get the promotion even if you have done all the quests for it.

This game should not be rushed, but you should talk to the people in the towns, explore the outside areas, and if you find an area too difficult - leave it, and come back later to finish.

A good general rule of thumb is to get your quest first than do it for a first time playing the game. Be sure to follow all the options when talking to someone.
Remember I am giving no spoilers but if you need some help try to ask at 3DO Community.

To help with the creation of your party I have made some simple character sheets, you may download them also from my site and if you are having problems running the game on your computer there is some helpful tips there too.
Good luck and good gaming

by Klaravoyia
12th of May, 2002