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Rampart Strategy Guide
By Lady Dragon
25th of February, 2001
This Guide is for beginners actually, those who play on Easy and Normal. This is also rated for a map where you would have enough resources to build up your town, without such critical situations like: "I can't even get out of my town, not even to speak about the Sawmill!". No, this rarely happens at Normal rates, and especially if the map was made by a human and not a computer.
This Guide is also best used on XL maps, where the opponent usually comes only after the 2nd Month. With certain modifications, it can also be used for
higher levels of difficulty - ranging from
Hard till Impossible.
Also: this is only for the Magic heroes of the Rampart, and if specified, for my three favourites from this wonderful town:
~ Melodia
~ Elleshar
~ Gem
The map should preferably be without any water at all, or with water at the normal level. But the Guide is also compatible with the Islands map, but this time there should be (preferably) an Underground level.
In The Game

Here is a list of skills which absolutely must be used by the Rampaarti *grin* heroes especially those mentioned above - Melodia, Elleshar and Gem. But the choice of heroes is also optimal as well, of course. But they must be magical!

1. Wisdom

If your hero does not have this skill (which happens quite often with the Might heroes of the Rampart), learn it at your first opportunity. This skill is the most important in the game, as without it, you will be able to learn magical spells only till the 2nd level. But higher levels of Wisdom allow you more spells, until you reach the top - Expert Wisdom, and the learning of spells is granted to the maximum - to the 5th level.

2. Earth Magic

Given long thought, this is probably the most important magic for the Rampart heroes, for these spells are oftenly seen to appear in the Rampart Mage Guilds, and they are the most important to you:
~ Slow  
~ Anti-Magic
~ Force Field

Each town is probably doomed without the spell of Resurrection. And so does the Rampart. If you don't have a second town, conquer one quickly (preferably
, since the spell appears very often there), and build up in the town the
4th level Mage Guild
. You will have a 75% chance that you will get the spell.

3. Intelligence

This secondary skill goes together with the spell of Resurrection - you do need lots of mana to Resurrect lots of armies, do you? The Intelligence skill gives you a full double of your Spell Points, which makes it (in my opinion, of course), one of the greatest hero abilities in the game.

4. Air Magic

The second most needed magic in Rampart, and when I say so, I believe that all will agree with me (just a thought, anyway....)
The Visions spell is needed greatly, and you will see below why. The spells of Air to Rampart:

~ Dimension Door
~ Fly
~ Visions

Of course, Visions are a part of every element, but I was always more accustomed to think of it as a Air School spell.

5. Diplomacy

And this is the reason why you need the Visions spell. Without it, only the
can be a small replacement, and even then not a complete one.
Visions allows you to see if the creature you wish to join to your amy does so or not. This can also be used against enemy heroes and their armies, and thus makes the spell extremely useful.
The Diplomacy skill makes the chance greater that those creatures that ran from your army, will join you. When an Expert, they can usually join you for free. (This is extremely useful!)

6. Tactics

You need this skill!
This is one of the important skills for the Rampart armies, as it allows ou to place out your troops already on the battlefield, anyway you would want.
With this skill, you can move your Dendroids and the Dwarves and all other troops if you like, forward, so when it will be your turn, the Dendroids will be able to reach the enemy's ranks with ease (of course, if you will also cast Haste as well!).

7. Water Magic

Also an important skill (actually, they are all important, so why do I keep saying this?), this magic can allow you to Clone your troops (though when attacked, the Cloned troops will disappear), to also cast Bless and the two spells of healing -
(heals your troop and dispells all enemy-cast spells), and Dispel (dispells all spells, and if Expert in the magic, it will also dispel all the spells on the creatures on the battlefield (including the enemies'), and if fighting during a siege of the Tower, the mines will also be dispelled.)
I find this one very nice!

8. Leadership

And finally, take this skill - lots of morale is never bad, especially if you are diplomatic, and various creatures can join you. Without Leadership, or artifacts of morale increase, you will have a tough time - half of your army will just freeze on the battlefield, without even attacking.

Now, these are the skills with which you will end up (numbers mark priority):
~ Town Portal
~ Implosion
1. Wisdom
2. Earth Magic
3. Intelligence
4. Air Magic
5. Diplomacy
6. Tactics
7. Water Magic
8. Leadership
First Steps

You start with a town (Fort and the Centaur Stables with a Tavern included), and with one hero. What do you do?

Day 1, Week 1, Month 1.

Enter the city of Rampart, and buy a second hero. She/he is preferably also from Rampart. If there are two Rampart heroes in the Tavern, choose one by either their speciality (a very useful one in the beginning of the game is the +350 gold), or by their army - you will need Elves to fight through shooters' guard, if there is any.

Buy everything from the city.
Now, combine the armies of the two heroes, and give it all to your main hero. Leave the Rampart.

You first need to find your Sawmill - it shouldn't be very far away from the main town. Give this task to your main hero (since he/she has all the army), and go to the direction where you think the Sawmill is.

Your 2nd hero is still in the town - enter the city again, and then the Village Hall. Build the Town Hall - you need money, and take your 2nd hero out.
If it is possible, lead your 2nd hero in the parallel way from the main hero. With him/her, try to find the Ore mine, which is almost as important as the Sawmill.

If you will find some chests by some or all of the heroes, leave them in place, or take only a few for money purposes, but only if necessary. You will need these chests later - you will gve them all to your Guardian of the Main Town hero.

BUT: If your already hired 2nd hero is a good one, you can give him/her these chests, not waiting for anything.

Any resources that you find, collect them; if your Sawmill is guarded by a weak unit, kill it; if you will find a good artifact, take it.
After your heroes are tired and can't go any farther, after your town is built, rest.

Day 2.

If you still didn't find your Sawmill, find it now and quickly.
Any Rampart creature generators around - flag them, or at least those that do not involve fighting with the guardians (look for the Dragon Cliffs - you may be lucky enough to find the place of residence of the great Green Dragons themselves!). Also, flag any mines around that you can handle - the sooner you will start to stockpile your resources, the better.
Do not buy a 3rd hero unless she/her isn't very good, or if you desperately need him/her for exploration purposes.
Build the Homestead.

Day 3.

Build the Dendroid Arches.
Your two heroes can explore around till the 1st Day of the 2nd Week.

Day 4.

Build the Mage Guild level 1.

Day 5.

Build the Marketplace.

Day 6.

Build the Dwarves.

Day 7.

Build the Citadel.

Day 1, Week 2.

Run with your remaining army and heroes back to the main town - you'll be doing army shopping!
Enter the town, and build the Upg. Homestead. Then, upgrade any Elves that you have (if you have any at all), and look inside the Citadel.
But first the Grand Elves, then the Centaurs, and the last - the Dwarves. If your hero does not have a Spell Book, buy it now.
Wait for a day - don't leave the city.

Day 2.

Check your tavern - always do this in the beginning of the week. Just don't buy anyone unless it's a great hero.
Now, upgrade the Dendroid Guards into Dendroid Soldiers, and buy them.
You are now ready to leave your hometown! Go, and begin collecting resources - enter Crypts, Dwarven Treasuries (be careful in these, though...), free the creatures' dwellings, and most importantly, flag all your mines that are in your territory.

Day 3.

Build the Blacksmith.
Continue exploring your territory till the 3rd week.

Day 4.

Build the City Hall.

Day 5.

You should have a lot of resources, so build the Castle.

Day 6.

If you can already build the Capitol, build it, but if not, don't worry and build the Enchanted Spring.

Day 7.

Build the Capitol, and wave with the flag of your Kingdom to the rest of the world! :-)

Day 1, Week 3.

You should have already conquered all mines around your town and territory. If not, finish doing so and return back to the town.
Build the Battle Dwarves.

Day 2.

Build the Centaur Captains.
Return to your town, and wait for two days - gather money.

Day 4.

Buy everything you have, and construct the Dendroid Saplings.
Leave your town once again, and this time, with a big army. Head towards anything that you haven't captured yet.
BUT: DO NOT enter the Naga Banks or the Cyclopses' Stockpiles. The same applies for Dragon Utopias, if you have any near you.
The thing is that you will be dead in a second with an army that you have now, and will not even be able to say "mama" once. Of course, this is a bit too much - you might be lucky enough to meet 16 Nagas without the Queen, than the 50 Nagas with the 10 Queens. But I warned you!

Day 5.

Build the Miner's Guild.
While on your adventure, look and enter any Magical shrines which will give you free spells from the 1st level till the 3rd level. Also, look for the Universities to learn the skills that you need, and the Libraries of Enlightment to raise your primary statistics by 2. As well as that, enter such structures that raise your primary statistics by 1 or higher, such as the Star Axis (+1 Spell Power), or the Arena (+2 Defense or Attack).
If you will find a Refugee Camp a long way from your home town, buy a hero and send him/her to collect good creatures from it (who knows, you might get a Azure Dragon!), and also to collect any resources from the territory around it.

Day 6.

Unicorn Glade - build it now!

Day 7.

If you have money, and a lot of it - you can build the Dwarven Treasury if you might like, it is the 7th day and you will get +10% tomorrow of all your money. But you can also wait, if you like.

Day 1, Week 4.

You have already a little mighty empire - there is not much doubt that you have already found and conquered a second town.
But your army must be getting smaller, and you need reinforcements. You probably can't buy your whole army from the town - your Guardian Hero (you do have one, don't you?), will simply not have anything to protect the town with.
So, buy a new hero, and give him half the army that you have in that town, and lead him/her to a meeting with the main hero.
After they meet, don't dismiss the carrier - he/she can be a explorer in front of the main hero - to take unwanted events up, for example, or to just simply uncover the territory.
Never walk around with "Quick Combat" on! It might happen so that your hero-explorer will be under attack, and on "Quick", he/she will just be killed, and you won't get a chance to look at the enemy's army.
Build the Resource Silo.

Day 2.

Now, you need to build the Dragon Cliffs, and upgrade the rest of your army, right? To build the Dragon Cliffs, you need to have the 2nd Mage Guild ready.
Enter the town, and build the wanted structure. Since you already have the Resource Silo working for you on Crystals, it is only a matter of time before you will build the Dragon Cliffs.

Day 3.

Supposedly, you already have enough Crystals to build the Dragon Cliffs. This rarely happens, but it does. If you do, build them, but if not, you can either sell something at your Marketplace for the Crystals, wait a few days, or try to find some on the map.

Day 4.

This is the last week to build the Dragon Cliffs, so remember that!

Day 7.

This is the LAST DAY to build the Dragon Cliffs. Do everything in your power to build them - probably, most of the other opponents' towns already build their 7th level, except maybe the Dungeon and Castle.
Also, remember to save your game before sleeping - it is usual that a Plague happens in exactly Month 2, Week 1, Day 1. So be careful.

Month 2, Week 1, Day 1.

You are all built up - except the Mage Guild and the Upgrades.
Today, build the Upg. Enchanted Spring - these Silver Pegasi are useful, but cost a lot. But you still need them upgraded...

Day 2.

Build the Upg. Unicorn Glade. Soon, you will be able to purchase Dragons, but you need them upgraded, and that costs a lot as well. So, you need to wait.

Day 3.

Build the Mage Guild level 3. As you might have noticed, you need it to upgrade the Green Dragons into Gold.

Day 4.

As you might have noticed again, you will not have enough Crystals to upgrade the Dragons after so recent a constructure of the same beings.
So, you need to wait again. Specifically, you need to upgrade the Dragons the last day of this week - the 7th day.
But now, you won't be able to build anything at all - you need money, ore and Crystals to upgrade. And the only things that you haven't built except the Gold Dragons are the Mage Guild and the Mystic Pond.
Since you are NOT going to build the Mystic Pond in the game at all, and won't build the 4th level Mage Guild now, you ca only wait till the 7th day.

Day 7.

There is a very big chance that you will be attacked on the 2nd month. So, upgrade the Green Dragons now - the more troops you have, the better.
Now all that's left for you to build is the Mage Guild.
But - you decide for yourself when to build it. It is for you to decide when to build the 4th and 5th levels - either when the opponent attacks you, or when you will need the 4th level spells yourself. Or maybe you just need to build it some other time? As I said, you decide that.
The above was all referred to the first steps when playing the Rampart, and the advises inside. But here is a list of skills, which in my opinion, a Explorer hero and a Guardian hero must learn. Here are the two lists (some skills are changeable for anything you might want, and they are marked with an *).

For a Explorer hero: (It is necessary to add that for both the heroes, the skill of Estates is very profitable, and should be learnt at any cost).
~ Scouting
~ Logistics
~ Pathfinding
~ Tactics
~ Navigation
~ Resistance *
~ Offense *
~ Estates

For a Guardian hero: (the same changeable skills are marked with *)
~ Offense
~ Armorer
~ Resistance *
~ Tactics
~ Archery
~ Leadership *
~ Luck *
~ Estates


The best specialities, in my opinion, are those which are for 7th level creatures (but such heroes come only from campaigns), and the Intelligence specialities (like the one with Elleshar). Of course, for a Explorer hero it is better to have a Logistics' speciality, and for a Guardian hero the creatures' of the town speciality, but such specialities are hard to find, and almost any speciality is good, if one thinks of it (except Eagle Eye. I don't see the real point in this skill, actually - never used it!).
What I have written here is only my opinion. Just remember that the sooner you will flag everything in your territory, the more are your chances for your survival.
If you might find a secondary Rampart town with a Fort inside on the 1st or 2nd week, don't build it up. Just build it up to the City Hall, that's all. It will be very hard for you to raise two Rampart towns, and follow my advice - build one (at least the un-upgraded creatures), and then start with the second one.

Good luck in adventuring!

~ Lady Dragon