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First Steps Page 2:  Shadowspire    Garrote Gorge   Murmurwoods    Ravage Roaming
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First Steps page 2

1. Don't forget to collect horseshoes in the Stables.

2. Play Arcomage in the Tavern. Save before entering as usual. In this town the game is pretty tough, so you will probably have to use this save.

3. Inspect the whole town. Collect all the available quests. Don't forget to note the houses of masters of the skills relevant to your hero.

4. Find the master who can  make armor and ask him to do the best possible armor for you from the ore that you were collecting all the last days. The type of the armor you need depends from the hero class you are playing with. Always choose the armor your hero is the best specialist in.
Don't attempt to put an armor on the Dragon if you are playing with Ithilgore. He already has the scales that are better than any mundane armor will be.  
The best armors are the following:
Leather Armor

1. Blue colored - it is the extremely rare thing.
2. Claret colored with golden shoulders and hem - this one you have a chance to wear.
Chain Armor

Plate Armor

1. Silver colored, all steel

2. Black with the skull
After making armor there will be still ore left. Go to Item Maker and make some very needed items with magical abilities, which will protect you in future battles from the nasty spells as:

~ stone
~ paralyze
~ sleep

That's the most important. After this done you still have some ore left. Indeed, you have worked hard and well to collect that much ore. Now you can do what you want with the rest of it. You can make some more items that you think you need.
The only advise I can give you - always make a game save before making any item from ore. If you do not like what you got, you can always reload and try again. Do not forget about saving and do not cosider the time spent in the makers' shops as a waste. Believe me, it will be payed back tenfold in battles.
Don't forget to check all the chests, in Shadowspire they are pretty well stuffed!
BUT! remember that as they are that good they are ALL booby trapped. Before you open any of the chests, cast as much protection on your hero as you can think of by using scrolls or potions, which you can buy beforehand also in Shadowspire.
After ordeal with each chest don't be overwhelmed with joy over your new possessions and visit the local Temple to restore your shattered health. 

OK. Shadowspire is done. Now go back to Ravenshore and from there book a coach to Garrote Gorge.
Garrote Gorge

1. First things are the routine - horseshoes in the Stables and Arcomage in the Tavern. As well as inspecting the new town with making notes. Check all houses near the castle.

2. Take the quest for Dragonbane Flower from the knights.

3. Find the caves of the Dragons that are in the mountains to the left from the bridge. Hope you'll not get yourself lost! In the caves take one more quest for the Dragon Flower.

4. After this go down to the river near the cave, turn left and run along the water. Don't be so afraid of the water, it is a shallow river, you can't possibly drown there if you even would want it.  There you should be able to find both of these flowers - they are bright red color.

5. Now go back to the Dragons and give them one of the flowers that they could make an antidote. The second flower you are supposed to give back to the knights and they will be doing their poisons for the Dragons.

6. This done run along the road that begins right behind the houses (not the one that leads to the right to bridges, you need the other road). There you must run pretty fast to pass the Nagas and further to Murmurwoods.

1. First thing go to the Training Hall and train your hero to the maximum available level.

2. Here you'll be able to find some teachers who can raise your hero to higher Expert level in some skills.  Distribute the necessary amount of Skill Points among the relevant skills and promote your hero to the Expert level with the help of the teachers.

3. If you need any weapon like sword or axe, it's time to buy one here.

4. Don't forget to drop in the Magic Shop and check what new interesting things  they have.  

Now your hero is well armored, equipped and has skills. You need to visit one more place before starting actual actions. It is Ravage Roaming. You'll find the road leading there behind the castle.
Ravage Roaming

The road will peacefully lead you to the settlement of Ravage Roaming. Inspect those few houses you'll find there.
But the main point why did you come here is to play Arcomage in the local Tavern. The game is so popular that even this tiny settling is sporting it.
When you'll win here, you may proudly say that you are the winner in most of the Taverns. This will give you not only fame as a excellent Arcomage player but what is the most important - prize money.

Now when you have pretty good equipment and some merrily clinking coins in your purse book a passage on a ship to Ravenshore.
The final first steps...

If you Cleric didn't survive your crossing of the strait between the Dagger Wound Island and the next isle, then it is time to finish the job with the Town Teleporter. Find one available Cleric in the Adventurers' Inn, healhim in the Temple and let him do his work, just do not forget to dismiss him after the work will be done.

Then  sail to the Dagger Wound Island and make yourself Expert in some very important skills the teachers of which are located only on this island. 
That's it. Your first steps in the game dedicated to preparations of your hero to the future battles are ended. Now you can proceed with hot actions.
If you have any troubles, try to read the next section of MM VIII strategy -
'Tips and Warnings'.
There are some pretty useful advises how to pass many locations  and creatures of the game in there.
Farewell and good luck in your adventures!
Might and Magic VIII
First Steps Page 2:  Shadowspire    Garrote Gorge   Murmurwoods    Ravage Roaming
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