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Promotions Quests
To develop your characters through the game each of them must be promoted  twice. This table lists all promotions quests along with the names and locations of the promoters.

The links in the table will jump to the corresponding descriptions of how to fulfill the quests.  Some of them are somewhat spoilish. Do not click on the link in the table if you do not want to read any additional hints.

Remember that in Might and Magic IX when accepting a promotion quest you need to indicate to the promoter who among your characters want actually to be promoted. Otherwise, the quest could be done and listed as done but the character will not be promoted. To avoid misunderstandings read carefully the lines of dialogues with the promoters. 

And never forget that the promotion could not be reversed!
    Town                  Promotion from:                           Promoter's Name        Promoter's Location          







Atli the Quick

Keith Bloodaxe

Fenja Tree-friend

Menja Ketildotir

Skulkil the Dark

Tjolnir the Super-neat

Grey Slemnir

Grehgknak the Right

Freidlief Gjukissen

Tymon the Nord

Johannes Bem

Thorfinn Skullsplitter


near Bank

near fireworks

near Tavern



Monastery Courtyard

Town Hall

Bembridge University

Bembridge University

Below there are the descriptions of how to fulfill each of the Promotion Quests.  They also include hints of how to do the side-quests originating in a course of the promotion quest. Do not read if you do not want to receive any hints and spoilers.
Promote from Mercenary to Assassin

This quest can be done even on the earlier stages when your party isn't strong. Talk to Atli the Quick in the Drangheim tavern. Go to the Kluso's house. If you consider yourself strong, then go boldly to the entrance and fight everyone. If you have doubts about your might, then use the window. You need to get the dagger from the wall in the room with fireplace. Guard Captains will attack you. When you take the knife, run to the main door. You also have to kill a guy with two daggers, who is standing in front of the bank in Drangheim.
Promote from Fighter to Crusader

The quest could be done even at the early stages of the game (if you'll use the right tactics---hint---think geographically about the advantages of positions on the top!). Pick up the quest in the temple. Go to Yobboes bandits, who are hiding in the small passage not far from the village outside Drangheim. Kill them all. Take three things which are lying on the ground at the far end of the passage  plow, doll and a herb bag. Go to the small village and give all these things to their owners. Return to the temple for the reward.
Promote from Crusader to Ranger

Medium difficulty quest. First you need to recover an artifact Everstrike from the dungeons below the Dook's castle in Guberland. To get to the tunnels, first of all kill everyone in the Dook's home. They will attack you anyway later. After this at the end of the passage running from the entrance there is the room to the right side. Enter and turn one of the shields on the wall --- the entrance to the dungeon will be opened.
The second part of the quest is more difficult one. More attention is needed there. The knowledge of Perception skill is very useful.
Promote from Healer to Druid

The easiest among last promotions in the game. All you need to do  is to kill  half a dozen Yetis and several lightning throwing guys near Green Man. Not counting poor wolves. After you'll speak with Green Man you need to return to Frosgard. Speak with local people. Find six persons who would like to see Green Man back. One of them will fix the Maypole. Then you'll have to visit the Jarl and tell him to put the rune stones on the place. After this return to Green Man, chat with him again, receive your *hard-earned* promotion and get good artifacts. That's all.  All is going on in Frosgard and you don't need to run half the world back and forth to become the Druid.
Promote from Scholar to Lich

This is one of the hardest quests in the game. First, talk to Skulkil the Dark who is to the left side from the Frosgard tavern, if you are facing it. He'll give you the first part of Lich Promotion instructions. Then, head to the Chasm of the Dead in Drangheim and pick up the second part of the Lich Promotion instructions. After that, fight your way through the connecting tunnels from Thronheim to Yorwick and enter the Lich Lab at the far end of the map. Here, collect the ingredients in a herb storage. Go to the kitchen which is not far from the Skeleton Generator (remember that there are two of them). In the kitchen you'll find the further instructions how to cook the ingredients into the potion. Go to the Lich generator (take only as many ingredients and bottles as you need for promotion, meaning if you need only one character to promote than take only one set, otherwise you'll have to carry these things in your inventory till the end of the game).
Promote from Initiate to Healer

Follow the instructions of the priest Tjolnir the Super-neat. Wait for the potion in front of the alchemist. Do not leave the town. Nutty Nartigan is in a small cell in front of Jarl's house.
Promote from Healer to Priest

To learn the Ritual of Consecration, talk to the old guy on the training grounds in Frosgard. The tree of life is in a dungeon in Frosgard. Pass through the dungeon killing everything. Touch the lamp to release a genie, who will offer assistance. You can ask for some good artifacts. Then in the room with buttons on both sides of the wall you'll see a small pillar in the middle of it. Push the buttons on the pillar. In a tomb push the button to crack it. Dig down until you fall into another room. There you'll see the Tree of Life.  Pick it up. Go out. Talk to the abbot of Lindisfarne monastery, wait till next morning, talk to him again and go to the courtyard. The new priest is the one in a gray cape in the garden. Talk to him. The quest is done.
Promote from Crusader to Paladin

Errand quest. One more of the easy promotion quests. Take the letter to the Jarl of Thjorgard. Go fight in the arena.  Go directly to the fighting pit. Wait until the guy will come out of the gates. Talk to this person. Talk to the Jarl of Thjorgard again. Go to the general store and talk to the clerk (on the left behind the counter). Return to the Jarl and get the reward.

Town portal yourself to Sturmford. Talk to the city hall clerk in Sturmford. Find an old man, if he is not at the magic shop (near the weapon shop at the second half of the town) then he is most probably behind the temple near the wall. Accuse him of stealing. Go to the guard in the city hall and tell him you caught a thief (never mind that you don't have the thief in custody; the main part is that you have identified him).

Then go to the house with children, walk to the second floor and tell the son that you have arrested his father for the stealing. Tell the son that he is better to start working and you could help him to find a job. Return to the magical shop (where you have been looking for a thief) and speak with the clerk about a job. She will agree to hire a worker. Go back to the son of the thief and tell him that he can go work at the magical shop. Head back to the monastery in Lindisfarne and got yourself promoted.
Promote from Mercenary to Gladiator

Medium difficulty quest. First bring a basilisk skin. This is the easy part as you undoubtedly already have several of them. Then bring Kira's shield. It is standing at the wall in her home in Thronheim. After this win a game in the Arena at the Lord level. There could be either one dwarf or half a dozen other monsters in the Arena.
Promote from Initiate to Scholar

Walk to the small lake with a river. Approach the monster until you hear the "quest completed" sound. Notice the monster's colour and return back to report it. The monster looks more on the yellowish side but the correct answer is the green.
Promote from Scholar to Mage

Go to the ruins on the Isle of Ashes. Fight your way through. Pick up a key from a table and go to a locked room. Pick up the silver book and go back to the University to speak with Johannes Bem. He'll give you a key. Go to the village outside Drangheim. Inside one of the houses check the corner, under the floor boards you'll see the book. Hit the boards to get the book. Return to the University.
Promote from Fighter to Mercenary

This quest isn't very difficult. You'll need just to kill half a dozen of the bandits. Talk to the man by the entrance to the Gathering in Guberland. He'll tell you to be at the dock between 3AM and 6AM. Go there. The bandits will attack you. Kill them all before 6AM. Quest can be done any day. After you have spoken with the promoter and accepted the promotion quest. Just remember that you must not be late! You must be at the docks not later than 3AM! Otherwise, the guard would not be relieved from the duty by you and would not left the docks.
Apart from the promotion quests there are a lot of other quests, tasks and errands in the game. Most  vital for the game development are the Jarls' Quests as the plot of the game is connected with the Jarls of six towns.

However, there are several very important quests in the section of Other Quests including the last ending quest of the game.