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Here you'll find the answers to the most common questions and problems arising  when you are playing the game - the tasks and locations that are confusing and not immediately clear to understand. It is not the collection of solutions to the quests, it is exactly what it says - answers to the questions. Just click on the link in the table and you'll jump to the answer. Beware that the explanations are spoilers; therefore use them only if you are really stuck in the game.
I tried to list everything I could think of, but if I'll remember anything else
I'll add it to the table at the bottom. :) 
And if you are stuck and didn't find solution here on the site (you can try to check also more detailed sections about the quests: Jarls' Quests, Promotion Quests and
Other Quests
) give me a yell for help and I'll answer you!
BES the Black Dragon
Might and Magic IX
Frequently Asked Questions and Problems of the Game
by BES the Black Dragon
3rd of July, 2002
Here you'll find the answers to the most common questions and problems arising  when you are playing the game - the tasks and locations that are confusing and not immediately clear to understand. It is not the collection of solutions to the quests, it is exactly what it says - answers to the questions. Just click on the link in the table and you'll jump to the answer. Beware that the explanations are spoilers; therefore use them only if you are really stuck in the game.
I tried to list everything I could think of, but if I'll remember anything else
I'll add it to the table at the bottom. :) 
And if you are stuck and didn't find solution here on the site (you can try to check also more detailed sections about the quests: Jarls' Quests, Promotion Quests and
Other Quests
) give me a yell for help and I'll answer you!
Location or keywords                                 Problem
Anskram Keep

General Ivsar Forktooth
Paladin promotion quest

Thjorad in Lindisfarne Monastery
Book of Rules
Frost Giant

Dook's castle underground
Writ of Fate

First island in the game
Bikki, the daughter of Yrsa the Troll
Training Hall
Too dark in the game

Ice in the docks

Lich Lab

Fighter to Mercenary Promotion
Ratatosk temple

Thjorgard Dock Master
Town Portal altars


NWC Dungeon

The solutions to the problems are below...
Do not read if you want to solve everything by yourself...
Anskram Keep: Can't enter Anskram Keep

You'll have problems if you do not know Perception skill. In this case, do the following.
Walk around the Keep to the right all till the back side of it. Face the back wall of the Keep. Step along the back wall (still facing it) to the left corner of the Keep. Hit this left corner of the back wall until you create the opening to the Keep.
If after you have created the opening you still can not walk inside  crouch in front of this opening (push button *C* on the keyboard and forward arrow) and you'll enter this opening into the Keep.
Anskram Keep: Bridge doesn't go down

In order to do this quest you need Perception skill. It will ease your life tremendously. If you do not have it, then you must do the following.

Enter Anskram Keep. Go upstairs to the upper platform. Upstairs in the middle there is the platform with bridges leading to it. Go to the middle of the bridge. Look right or left depending on what exactly bridge you are standing at the moment.
You'll see the chain stretching between the walls. If you'll have perception skill this chain would glow red. If no  then well.. it will not glow. What you need to do -  just shoot at this chain. This is all.
Anskram Keep: Can't disable defenses (can't lift the grate)

Go to the upper level of the Keep. Cross the bridge to the platform in the middle. Near the door that leads inside Anskram Keep there will be a hatch in the floor. Open the hatch and go down into it. Inside you'll see two big wheels with chains. Stand in the middle with your back to the wheels. In front of you on the wall you'll see the big chain. Below it there is the level which isn't very easy to spot. Push the level and the grate will open.
Anskram Keep: Red alert is still switched on despite that I have already killed everyone on sight 

It could happen so. Presumably you have killed everyone, but the red lamp is still on in some places and you can hear some strange scratching noises.
It means that the bugs and the rats are still hiding in the walls of the right and left passages.
You need to follow the noises in both passages. Stop at the spot where the noise is the loudest and the red lamp is on. Shoot the wall in the passage at this spot. Check both passages until the evidence of hidden vermin will disappear.
Usually it is 2-3 bugs and bats hidden in the walls.   
Anskram Keep: Killed everyone, the quest still not fulfilled

Strangely enough, it happens often. It happened to me too. Most probably, it is connected with the fact that you have entered the Keep through the lower entrance but not through the upper level. And then you have exited and entered anew through the upper level.

In case of such problem, even if you have killed everyone, including hidden bugs and bats, and extinguished the fire portals of the imps, the big Imp symbolizing the end of the quest will not appear in the big room.

The only solution that works here will be the following.
Go to your Might and Magic IX folder and find there the folder with the title *Minisaves*. Delete everything connected with Anskram Keep among minisaves in this folder.
This way you force computer to *forget* that you have been in Anskram Keep, though all the earned experience and other stuff you'll keep.
Return to the game and enter the Keep from the upper level. And do all things necessary for fulfilling this quest without exiting the Keep even once!
General Ivsar Forktooth doesn't follow me out of the prison

Don't pay attention to this. You need only to speak with him after you'll open his prison cell. He'll tell you that he knows how to get out. Just go to the exit and you'll see the general outside the prison waiting for you.
He'll tell you then that he will go to Sturmford and will be waiting for you there in the tavern. He'll do this and you'll find Ivsar in Sturmford tavern when you finally get there. 
Where can I find the person who've hired the assassin to kill the jarl?

The person who hired the assassin and whom you are supposed to find according to the jarl's request is in the shop located nearly in front of the building with the weapons shops on the other side of the street.
This person is behind the counter. He is to the left; the shop clerk is to the right.
Old guy doesn't go to the Sturmford prison

Old guy is at the back side of the church. After you'll tell him that you caught him on stealing and arresting him, go to the town hall to the bottom floor and tell the guard that you want to place a person under arrest.
Do not pay attention that you do not have the thief with you and the guard is opening an empty cell. This part of the quest is done as soon as you have spoken with the guard that you found the thief.
How to retrieve the hammer without angering the monks in Lindisfarne Monastery?

In order to retrieve the hammer and the monks would not fight you, you need to go to the central room of the monastery and following either the left or the right side walk to stairs. Go upstairs to the very top of the tower. There you'll find five ropes. You need to click on them in the following sequence.
1 5 2 4 3

1 is the most left rope. 5 is the most right rope.
After this you'll hear the church bell ringing for a prayer and all monks will leave from the hammer. Simply go downstairs and pick up unguarded hammer.  
Can't open the bookshelf door in Ta'Sar Academy

Go to the room with the table and four books on top of it. Pick up one book (you can pick up only one book per time and you'll not be able to pick another book until you do not place the previous one on the correct spot in the library).
Each of the four books must be placed on the table on two upper levels of library rotunda (two tables per level). Stairs up to the levels are just behind the table with the books. Click on the scroll lying on each of the tables to learn what subject the books can be placed on it.  Then check what is the title of the book you have now. Find the appropriate table for each book and place all four them one at the time.
After you'll do this the secret door will open on the third floor and inside you'll find the next instructions in coded form. The code is easy to solve - just write one line with the letters of the alphabet and the second line below it with the alphabet backwards.
The decoded instructions will tell you to go find the secret bookshelf door and click on it. The bookshelf door begin to turn and you'll need to slid past it inside the hidden room where you'll pick up the Book of Rules.
Can't alienate the mirrors

The mirrors are supposed to be alienated in such way that the light beam bounces from mirror to mirror until it gets to the crystal on the opposite side. Then the door will open. Look at the picture.
The mirrors must be turned:
First mirror: 33 times
Second mirror: 1 time
Third mirror: 34 times
Fourth mirror: 5 times
Turn the mirrors by using the space bar. Do not rush things. There is no reset there, so you must be careful.
Better to save the game before you begin the procedure.
This is the correct path of the light beam between the mirrors
How to do the chess board?

If you are not familiar with the chess game, then you have a problem here.
Even if you know chess but not good at them, it still could be difficult to do the chess because the board is not very convenient for observing.

Look at the pictures. There is a solution on them. The first picture shows the view from the passage. The second picture shows the same path but from the back side view of the board (it is a raising there in the game and a better view of the board for making the screenshot).
Path through the chess board
View of the path through the chess board from behind
Can't get to Arslegard

Wow, guys! That's a tough one! Requires a lot of efforts to be done from your side. You'll have to forfeit all the pleasures of the mortal life. Why? Well, what do you think? How are you supposed to meet the Gods if you are not dead?  What, you still didn't get it? Unbelievable! You could go to the Heaven only if you are dead! Dead! Gone! I forgot other synonyms... Sorry... :)
So, commit suicide. Whatever you prefer this sunny lovely afternoon or romantic gentle night. :)
Frost Giant: How I am supposed to kill this monstrous Giant?

In no way fight this Giant. No use and no sense.
In the library you'll find a note with the clue how to kill the Giant.
Frost Giant: Where are the support beams?

Look for the place marked on the picture. In this room there is one bookshelf. Click on it. The passage will open. Go down. You'll find the room with the beams. Shoot at or hit the beams. You'll destroy all of them apart from the last two which are indestructible.
Frost Giant Castle map with the secret bookshelf door
Frost Giant: How to free the children?

The key for the cells is in one of the rooms of the castle. It is lying on the Giant's chair. You can see it because it is protruding a little bit from the chair edge. Just come closer to the chair and look up.
Can't get into the underground section of Dook's castle, though I can see it on the map

Section will open after you click on the shield hanging on the wall. Be careful and sure that you are strong enough to enter. As soon as you click the shield, the alarm will sound and all the guards in the castle will rush to the disturbance, i.e. you.
Writ of Fate: Placed capstone, can't go to Arslegard anyway

The usual problem which occurs when you've placed capstone and left the ruins. It is the mistake. When you placed the capstone, do not leave but turn around to the table which was behind you and you'll see Writ of Fate scroll appears on it. Pick it up and only then you'll be able to get to Arslegard. Without Writ of fate in your possession you'll never get to Arslegard.
Do not forget that to go to Arslegard you have to follow the already familiar procedure of dying.
How to get Thronheim rid of Honkies?

To do this you need to visit and speak with dock master. Choose a place where you want these monks to be transported.
Return to the town. Tell the monks that they are expected in the docks.
How do I get out of the first island in the game?!

To do this you need to do the quest of Yrsa the Troll  Kill the Dragonflies.
Dragonflies are just at the end of the passage in front of her house.
After killing Dragonflies return to Yrsa and report. 
After this go to the bridge where Forad is standing and speak with the guy. Take him to your party - unfortunately, you can not avoid this.
Go back to Yrsa. Chat with her again. Ask her specifically "How to open the doors?". She will give you the key.
Cross the bridge to the ruins. To the left side of the ruins you'll see the way down. Follow it and walk to the doors. Open the doors and enter the room. Click on the book which is in front of you on the raising near the wall. Watch the video.
Where is Bikki, the daughter of Yrsa the Troll?

She is on the right side from the side exit from the Thronheim town. She is outside the town and standing alone.
Where is Training Hall?

It is in Thjorgard. This house is in the middle of the map where doors are not open and when you click on it no information is shown.
To the right side at the end of the house you can find the way up (the broken stairs). Go up. Walk around the house and go even one more level up. You'll see the opening in the wall there - there is the entrance inside.
Remember, that should you enter and go downstairs, then you'll not be able to return back through that opening. You'll have to go through the front entrance and to do this you must be strong enough.
It is always dark in the game, how am I supposed to see anything?

The only thing that helps here is to follow the advice of my friend The Grey Wonderer.
In the game go inside the game options. Check video options. Raise gamma bar to the right, though not completely to maximum (leave, say 5 mm from the max position).
It will dramatically raise the level of light in the game, especially in the dark dungeons.
How to break ice in the Frosgard docks?

At the far end of the village there is a man standing on the shore near the keg.  Speak with the guy. Ask him to put the keg on the ice. Go to the docks. Shoot at the keg - you'll have video to watch. Return to Jarl and report. Only after you report the docks will begin to work.
How to force this sheep return to the village?

Sheep is in the front of the village near the entrance to underground level. It is white and bleating. :) Walk to the beast and press space bar.
Turn around and walk back to the village. The sheep will follow you.
Lich Lab: Where is the kitchen?

From the entrance to the Lich Lab go upstairs till the end, enter the room, turn right and walk into the next room. To the left side from you there will be the doors to the kitchen.
Before going into the kitchen you need to find the storage room and pick up ingredients from there.

*Y* is for the entrance and *X* is for the location of the kitchen on the map.
Lich Lab: What to do with the ingredients?

Cook them! Just click first on the pot which is hanging in the middle of the kitchen, then go to the corner and click on the small spirit lamp with test tubes on the table. Check the inventory - there should be the elixir inside. To make several bottles of it just repeat the procedure. 
You must drink the elixir before entering the Lich Transformer (all the characters who are supposed to become Liches).
Fighter to Mercenary Promotion: I am at the docks, the guard is here, nothing happens, what is wrong?

To do this, you must be punctual. You must be in the docks not later than 3AM. Any night will do (after you took this quest).
Should you be 5 minutes late the guard will not leave because he surmised that the relieve shift didn't come.
Ratatosk temple: Where it is? I found only a monk and a goose!

It is in front of the Kira's Palace. The same house where there is the altar.
Thjorgard Dock Master: I am at the dock. I am in a hurry.
Where is this bastard?

Should this happen, then you can be sure he is doing scuba diving. Jump into the water and search for him underwater. No kidding! Be careful as the current is really strong there. In the worst case, wait a couple of minutes and he'll walk nearly to the shore. He'll be still underwater and you still have to walk to him. When you finally get to him follow the usual procedure of ship request. He'll do his duties even being underwater.
Town Portal altars: What is it and where can I find them?

Portals are located both in the Jarls' houses and in the homes of ordinary people. Some are in the shops. Portals look like this one.
To activate it you need to click on it and you'll repair it.  It will change its color from grey to white.
You must find this table
Altar in the Castle of Sturmford Jarl
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3
Mirror 4
First Crystal
to the door
Big Imp and the cage
The door outside the ruins on the island
How to dismiss NPC ?

To dismiss a NPC you don't need anymore, just press twice button 6 (for the first NPC) or 7 (for the second NPC) on your keyboard.
Button 5 is for Forad, but he can't be dismissed, unfortunately.
Is there NWC Dungeon hidden somewhere?

No! There is no any secret hidden NWC Dungeon in Might and Magic IX, so stop wasting your time looking for one. The last NWC Dungeon was left in Might and Magic VIII.