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Might and Magic IX

by BES the Black Dragon
page 5
Okay, here we are - do you see the market? Remember I told you not to go there. Now I am afraid you have to take a risk and visit it. What's so funny? You think it is no big deal to go to the market. Okay, you are the boss, go then and try. I wash my hands on you... What? ...Okay, apologies accepted, but don't tempt me again. Now listen carefully.

Go to the market. At the end of the square near the wall, there should be a woman. Run to her.
Thronheim market
Don't pay attention to anything at all - concentrate only at the woman. She is the one with the problem. And she could pay very well for the help.

However, it is not all, my friend, or I would not advise caution to you. Opposite the market, there is some kind of the prison with the strange monster known as Terror.  You have to do whatever you can for not  attracting its attention, but at the same time, you must check two barrels standing near the entrance to this building. These are the same barrels as you have seen in Sturmford.

Good luck to you. In the worst case do not panic - the house guards will deal with the Terror, just stay out of the way of this monster.

See, you managed it - back alive and even not a scratch on you.

So, she did give you the quest - to bring the Black Orb of Knowledge.
Yes, not bad, not bad at all for a common woman. Interesting problem she has for sure. Your blank stare says that you have no idea what this Black Orb means, therefore, forget about this task for a while, better for a long while - it will be quite some time until you will be strong enough to do it.

Let's better finish what we have at the moment and what you can manage without any problems. You need to stay alive, remember.

Cleaning out the Loose Ends

First, monks.  Go to them and tell them that they are expected in the docks - and it is the complete truth. Just do not count that they will tell each other - find every monk and tell all of them about this. They are the obedient sort of people and they will go to the docks. After this, you can claim your reward for this task from Kira.  

Second, the Ratatosk temple. It is in the same part of the town with Kira's palace, as far as I remember just opposite the palace.  Not to the left - it is the usual Temple but the one in front of the palace. Give the note you got from that guy from the tavern whoever would be there. It is their problem so it is for them to solve it. You are just doing a messenger job. No offence here, if you get good payment for this - just don't forget to drop in the tavern and collect it.

While you will be running around with all these chores, visit the local bank - they are in some kind of trouble with the Orbs of Linking. Ask them do they need any help. If they indeed have the problem, then they will definitely pay very well for the assistance.

And the last thing - somewhere in the town there is the well that can increase one of your attributes, and not just temporarily but forever. Find it and use it by clicking space bar.

By the way, did you clean the town portal altar? You did? Sorry that I asked. Then I guess until later, see you in the tavern.


Look, you are tired, sit down, stretch the legs, and eat your supper. How it was? Found everything? All took care of? Okay, okay, eat. Then just pick up the reward from this guy who has had the quarrel with Ratatosk people  see, he is still waiting for you. And let's go sleep after this - you are really falling down from your seat. A good full night of sleep. You can definitely use it. Tomorrow we will sail to Thjorgard and there are no boats there today. So, we will have a little weekend for ourselves.
And you didn't want to stay on the upper deck. Look what a nice weather - sun is shining, sea monster swimming nearby looking for an easy prey, salty breeze in the face. Good! Now back to business.
Streets of Thjorgard
What You Need to Know about the Town

In Thjorgard you need, as usual, pay a visit to the local Jarl - Sven ... Sven, do not remember the second name, something long. Do the routine chores.

What is important  in Thjorgard you can finally get the promotion quest for your main hero - from Initiate to Scholar, which is the first step to becoming the Lich. The promoter is in Bembridge University, name is Tymon the Nord. What he will ask of you  this we will know soon.

What else do you need to know about Thjorgard? It is big town. It is the only town in the land with Arena.
There you can watch the fights, place a bet. Well, if you want that much - you can try your own strength and fight on Arena too, but later.

However, most important for you in Thjorgard are the trainer and the black market tradesmen. They have the cheapest prices, especially for the training. Remember I have told you that you need to wait for the right place for your training - this is the right place and you finally can train here till the maximum and receive all skill points you earned. It's pity that they train here only up to the certain not very high level, but still it is very good place.

About the black market tradesman - of course, it could be so that they do not have what you need, but you will be able to sell everything you do not need here at the highest price later. 

Okay, enough talking, we are already moored to the docks. Let's go to the town.

By the way, while we are leaving the drakkar, pay attention to the dock master - he is very strange person. He is known for his weird habits. Sometimes you can go to the docks and he will be nowhere in sight. Do you know where to look for them then? No, you will never guess anyway - underwater! Yes, everyone has a hobby, this dock master is fond of walking underwater on the sea bottom. If you are in a hurry to leave the town, then you will have no any other choice but simply dive to him underwater too. But beware - it is a very strong current here in the fjord.

Look, what a crowded tavern is here in Thjorgard. Half of the town locals are the Dwarves.  Now take the stairs to the second floor, first door to the left - there will be the tradesmen and the trainer I have told you about. First thing - train, of course only yourself; the Luggages are indifferent to such things.
Thjorgard Tavern
Then distribute the skill points you will get between your skills. Main attention - to the magical skills, like Meditation; then to Disarm Trap skill, Identify Item, and the last ones - to the weapons. But not higher than to the 4th level for now, except Disarm Trap skill - this you need to raise up to the 5th level; the left skill points keep for the future use. This done, go downstairs to me in the common room, and do no sell or buy anything yet from anyone.

What to Do and Not to Do

Now you need to go to the Jarl and check how you could possible help him in his problems. By the way look around the town, drop in the shops, check what teachers are living here, find the special well, the one like in Thronheim, and of course, do not forget to clean the Town Portal altar.
In spare time if you want - visit Arena, place a bet, perhaps you'll be lucky and choose the right fighter - then you will win. However, I strongly recommend not attempting any fights for yourself on the Arena - you are not experienced yet. Wait until your time will come. 

Better spend some time chatting with the locals and learning the news.

Look there, that Dwarf is making some strange signs to you, I bet he wants something from you, and perhaps it is the first customer for you in Thjorgard with the quest or an errand. Good luck!
Come in, you are back. And I was sleeping while waited for you. The Dwarf from the tavern chatted and chatted until my head would split and I escaped here to the room.

Now tell me what you have seen and what you have done, what the Jarl asked from you.

Promotion to Scholar - you need to check the colour of the Magreeb, the monster living near the lake. Not that easy how it sounds but manageable anyway.

Now, Jarl's quests. Find out why the Dwarven mine does not work - but it is the same what this dwarf was speaking all the evening with me! They have dig out something as usual, you know the Dwarves - they cannot live without digging somewhere; but this time they earthed out something that told them in no nonsense terms who is the master and they dropped all the work, all the machinery and run from the mine. On the top of all this, something got broken there. Nevertheless, for you to go there - it is the same thing, as to go fight on Arena at the Lord level - complete catastrophe.

What the Jarl asked next? What? No way! Retrieve the Thjorad hammer from the Lindisfarne Monastery?  What do you mean - no big deal? The monks in the monastery are watching this hammer day and night. However, if we plan everything carefully, actually it is possible to take this hammer.

Well, it seems that all paths are leading to Lindisfarne now. You cannot fight your way to the lake now - the whole location is full of the bandits and other flying blood sucking nasty things. While in Lindisfarne, we could try our luck. Let's sleep for now - there is no drakkar to Lindisfarne today anyway.
Uff. Finally, we are on our way. Why they do so many checkpoints for all who sail to Lindisfarne from here?
How to Deal with Magreeb

Anyway, while we are on the boat I can tell you what I have learnt from one of the old warriors about this Magreebs and how it is best to deal with them.

Actually, there are two ways and the first one is easier but risky at the same time. Here it is. When we will arrive in Lindisfarne, we can go to sleep and a Magreeb could come to you. He will be alone and you will be able to deal with him. However, Magreeb is not the biggest problem here. Should the Evil Sorcerer appear too - then that is it, you will be history. That is the risk and the risk is very big.
Therefore, we will not take this risk but choose another available option. It could be a little bit longer but safer. And as the bonus you will receive some extra experience and money.

Meanwhile, go check what is in the local shops and find the well - you know - the usual one. I will go check this crazy monk I was told about before, perhaps there is some sense in his ravings.

Let's meet at the exit from the village.

How to Retrieve the Thjorad Hammer from Lindisfarne Monastery

Uff. I was kept late by this guy  it is really hard to understand anything in his speeches.

Now what I learnt. It is possible to retrieve the hammer from the monastery at the exact moment when all the monks will go for the general praying. They are always going to the praying when the great monastery bell is ringing.  Actually, you can ring the bell yourself - you need only to climb from the central monastery room up the stairs to the bell tower and ring correct tune. We will have to check out what is the tune on the place.
Magreebs Battle

Now we need to go. Soon we will come to the small path running along the rocks. As soon as you will step on the path, move as close as possible to the rock face and walk slowly forward. To the right from you will be the ravine - it is where Master Thralls live. They represent the main danger to you, therefore you must move stealthy in order to avoid their detection.
Now save the game and let's go.
Oh-ho, we managed so far. We need to go left. Path up leads to the Academy and we are not going there yet. We move down and closer to the rocks, following the path to the valley. Now be careful - we see Magreebs. We came all this way for them. Follow the left side and crawl forward carefully. Good - here is this little raising - go up a little bit and practice in going up and down. Okay, you are ready.
Save the game to another slot and remember the main rule - you must stand in such way that Magreebs will not be able to reach you. They will no go up for you; therefore, you will shoot at them from the bow. You can also hit them with the cudgel - but carefully! You must prepare yourself for long, very long battle.

Ready, steady, go! Shoot! Now they will come. Hi, greeny monsters! Now look, there are two of them are to the right, the rest is to the left. First fight only with these two to the right. When they will be down, the next pair will step on their place. And so on. Until the very last one will be fixed. You can also use magic on them, but not all.
The ledge for fighting with Magreebs
Got everything? Okay, Good luck to you, warrior! I am going to sleep for a while there in the shadows. Didn't sleep well last night on the drakkar.  

Going to the Monastery

What? I just lied down. Is it evening already? Wow! The whole day has passed. What happened to you? Can't feel the arms? Hmm, that's from lack of experience, no problem, at the end of the game you'll count today fight as the kid's play.

Did you collect all the loot sacks?  Not bad too. How about your hit points? Okay?

Then let's go - we need to make one more walk down to the Monastery. We will cross the valley and walk closer to the right side, to the rocks.

What is this passage to the left? The only thing you need to know right now is that this passage is not for you. There is the house of somebody inside and it is protected by the Evil Sorcerers who do not have any sense of humor similar to a lot of local population, as you have probably already noticed. Do not worry you will pay them a visit, but later, much later.

Okay, we came to the passage on the opposite side of the valley. Save the game. Look - there is a Magreeb standing there. Oh, do not look so gloom. There are only two of them, so it will be a short fight.

Move to the left closer to the rocks and walk along them forward and do not worry so much, that one will not deal with you. Now stop - do you see two Magreebs in front of you? These are your opponents.

Now there are two ways of dealing with this problem. First one, is the battle. The second one, is your feet and luck. Do you want to hear the both ways? Okay.

The first way with the battle.

You save the game and walk fast forward along the rocks. At the end there will be the ledge - go up to it, use button *x* for this. When you will be securely standing on the ledge wait for the Magreebs - they will come almost at once. After this just fight.  
The second way.

You save the game and run forward without paying attention to the Magreebs. Right after the ledge, go to the left and there will be another passage - run into it and run as fast as you can, you will have some distance between you and Magreebs. Pay attention - there will be Master Thralls ahead - do not stop for them, just ignore and run, run, run like hare making leaps to the sides, but always forward, then right and up to the Monastery entrance. 

As you can see - there is not that big difference between these ways. You will have to escape Master Thralls on the both counts.
Passage to the Lindisfarne Monastery
So it is up to you how you will choose to come to the Monastery. Decide and I will see you in the Monastery.

Lindisfarne Monastery

Hi, welcome to the Monastery. Glad you made it. What way did you choose? Secret? Okay, no problem, it is fair.

We need to the central hall. When you enter - turn right at once and to the stairs leading up along the wall. Move, move, you will have time to gawk around later. No, it is not it; we need to climb even further up. Now here we need to find the last stairs that leads to the bell tower.  
What monk? This monk - oh, he is harmless. You can go speak with him, he is writing the music.

Okay, the last stairs and here are the bell ropes. Well, here is the problem - in what order you need to pull the ropes to receive the proper bell ring tune for the general praying time. You can tempt your luck of course and try, but I should warn you that I have spent hours for this until I finally got the correct combination. You are not relinquishing the same experience, are you?
Monk composes music in the Monastery
Okay, then here is the correct order: 1-5-2-4-3.  Number 1 is the left rope; number 5 is the right rope. Ring the bell and listen to the music.
Enjoyed the music? Now hurry quickly downstairs to the ground floor. You need the door leading to the passage where the hammer is kept - you cannot miss it. Monks are all on the praying and you can pick up Thjorad without any problem. However, I would not advice you to idle around, better to depart from the Monastery ASAP.

Walk to the spot where your alarm lamp will switch from yellow to green and do Town Portal spell to Thronheim.
Thjorad Hammer from Lindisfarne Monastery
Hey, hey, carefully, you nearly dropped to my head with this teleportation. Let's hurry to the docks. We are leaving for Thjorgard at once. Yes, by the boat, and stop complaining. 
Back to Thjorgard with a Short Trip to Thronheim
Uff. At last, we are here, I hate travel by sea when it is storming. You too? Hmm. You are showing some common sense after all.

Now you do Town Portal spell and you will be transported directly to the Jarl's place without walking all this way there. Give this precious hammer to the Jarl, take the reward.

After this, visit the University to report and get promotion to Scholar. After the promotion received go and raise your skill in Merchant up to the Expert level.

And only when this all done, go to the black market trainer in the tavern. Train and distribute the skill points in such way that everywhere will be standing the number 4. Also, sell whatever you put in the Luggage # 1 for the sale while you were traveling the world around.

Then go to the teachers you need and raise your other skills up to the Expert level. Do it with all the skills you can learn here in the town.

Do not forget to buy what you lack and what you could use, mainly spell books. Remember, that first of all you need to have the following spells:

Elemental Blast
Turn Undead
Town Portal
Elemental Protection
Wizard Eye

Should you spot anywhere Lloyd Beacon spell - buy at once, it is a very rare spell.

When you will do all this, you need to make a fast trip to Thronheim to the local magical teachers - to raise your magical skills up to the fourth level too.

All skill points still left after all this, you use on Meditation skill. Your mana strength is the most important factor now.

I will be waiting for you here in the Thjorgard tavern. When you will finish do everything I have told you, you would be ready to fight your way to Frosgard. So, do quickly everything necessary in Thronheim and sail back to Thjorgard.