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Might and Magic IX
by BES the Black Dragon
page 7
Hey, wake up! How much time can you sleep? There is town already in sight. Now in the town the usual plan: you - to the Jarl, me - to the tavern. Meeting in the tavern.

And why you are so pensive after the visit to the Drangheim Jarl? Sigmund was happy that you did what he has asked about Anskram Keep, was he? You think that it is strange that both Jarls are paying so much attention to the same place. Yes, my thoughts exactly. It is not to the good and I am afraid that this keep will play its grim part in the future. Well, okay, it is not in my customs to be involved in the deals of the humans. We have other things to be worried about now.
You need to do the promotion quest to Crusader for one of your Luggages. You probably already forgot about it, while people are waiting for your help and counting that you will return all the things they lost. Moreover, you cannot disappoint both them and the promoter - Keith Bloodaxe from the temple, can you?  By the way, it is the good opportunity to inspect the dungeons of the prison; I am inclined to believe the story the general Ivsar told me about them.  So, listen to my instructions.
Promotion quest from Fighter to Crusader
First of all - the bandits. Exit the town and head toward the small village, remember the one with the mill. Not far from it, there is the passage to the left, among the rocks. It is their usual place. Before you boldly go there, do not forget to save and put Elemental Blast as the Quick Spell.
Then enter and as soon as you will see the first bandit, quickly stand to the right with you back to the rock face. You back should be protected by the rocks in such way that none would be able to circle around you and attack from behind. From this position, you can fight with them as long or as quick as you want. 

Should you by any chance feel that you could not deal with them, though I doubt that it would ever happen, and then you need to do the following - reload, and set Poison as the Quick Spell. Enter the passage. When the bandits will spot you and run toward you, begin slow retreat back in the direction of the town with constant casting of the spell at the enemy. Only do not forget that you must cast the Poison spell to the each of the target separately.

In the worst case, you can always return to the town, sleep the night over and restore your strength. Return to your unfinished business next morning. All bandits you did not finish the previous day will be dutifully waiting for you near the town gates.

Now, after you will destroy the last of the bandits, you must check their place. Walk to the end of the passage and find all the things of the folks - there should be a plow, a doll and a herb sack. Gather all these things and bring them to the village. There you must find the owners and give them back their things. With this done you definitely will be very tired and it would be better to sleep right away.
Prison's Dungeons and Black Chest in Prison
The well through which you can go down to the prison dungeons is in the small village and it is the secret entrance. Inspect it with outmost carefulness. Bugs live there. It is good to use Poison against them. Be methodical and do not hurry. Restore your strength with sleep and save regularly.

When you will finish there, find the way up to the prison. There you need to go to the 2nd level where there is the prison kitchen, you must remember it from the last time you have rescued the general Ivsar.

So, why I am talking about it? There is the room not far from there, and inside this room, there is the black chest with the artifact and you need it. Now you are strong enough to deal with all prison guards. Better to dispose quickly all those, who are located near this room and inside it, before you begin your explorations. Otherwise, they will not be too happy that you are snooping around the restricted areas.

Of course, the chest will be booby-trapped. Do not hurry with it, do this. Sleep, save, cast protective spells on your precious self, crouch (use button *C*) near the much coveted chest and only then open it. If even these tricks would not help, then you are simply not ready for this level of traps. However, if you were not lazy and trained everywhere I have told you, you should be fine.

When you will do everything there, simply cast Town Portal and return to the town. Visit the Temple and let Keith Bloodaxe promote your Luggage to Crusader. After this, quickly go to the docks; catch the first drakkar to Guberland, where I will be waiting for you in the usual place. I hope, you will not got yourself stuck somewhere on the way and I will see you soon.
Finally! I have already thought that something bad happened with you. I was ready to go to Drangheim and search for you.  Are you okay? How everything went by? Show me what you have found there. Oh, this is very good artifact. Yes, the prison dungeon is not the place I would be in a hurry to revisit, but what have you expected from the dungeon and prison dungeon at it!
Okay, now we need to deal with all the local problems, promotions, quests and errands you have been piling on in your quest log for quite a time.
First, you go to the Circus. There to the left from the entrance is the salesman with his wife. You need to talk with him, and I mean talk with the man, not to flirt with his wife. Tell him that you want to promote one of your team members, i.e. Luggages, from Fighter to Mercenary and offer your service to him. He will undoubtedly have something in mind and tell you what to do next. After this, do not waste any time and return quickly to me here. I will give you further instructions what you must visit in the town. 

Speak, man - what did he ask from you? To guard the docks from 3am until 6 am from all the bandits. Fine! You will have a lot of time to do all the other things during the daytime. Stop grumbling, you are young and will not die from one sleepless night.
Errands in the Town
Visit to the Honks Temple
Temple of Honk
Now, listen. Not far from here there is the Honks Temple, you know - the Goose Worshippers place. You must go there and find one small room. I have heard from several very reliable sources that something very valuable could be hidden there. What you need to do.
Take your map out. To the left from the town, there is the passage and the building. That is what you are looking for. So, walk around the town from the left and straight ahead. There will be bandits, but this enemy is already known to you and does not present any serious threat. When the Temple will be in sight, sleep and restore your health completely - you must be in top shape when you enter. Do not forget to make saves regularly.
Goose and monks inside the Honks Temple
Inside the Temple, you will see two monks and a goose. Kill them. Check for valuable things, monks only looked like poor chaps, but they could possess very good artifacts. Do not forget to check the goose too - who knows what could be left after it. It has been the sacred animal, eh... bird.
Then open the door in the wall - it should glow red. Inside you will see two chests. Cast all protections you have, save the game, and only after this open the chest. If you would trigger the trap and will be wounded, heal yourself with Heal spell and only then open the second chest. As soon as you will finish with the chests, leave the Temple and sleep outside it. Do not sleep inside the temple, any moment the senior monk could find you and then you are history. 
Dook's Palace
When you wake up, check your map and find the structure that is standing to the left from the Temple. It is the Dook's Palace. Remember this noble, who is on very bad terms with the local Jarl. Go there.

When you enter the palace, under no circumstances show your temper to the guards and no fighting! If you will not begin any troubles, they will not touch you too. Grim glances are not the reason enough to be killed before your time. Inspect the place. There should be chests, barrels, big and rich place. When you'll hmmmborrow whatever you find interesting from the Dook's place, go find the room where this guy is usually staying and give him a message from the Jarl Markel that his continuous presence in Guberland is not the wisest thing the Dook can do and he would be much better somewhere as far as possible from here. I believe your talent of convincing will be enough to persuade the Dook to leave Guberland immediately.

After your little chat with the Dook, exit the place and cast Town Portal. Do not waste any time and report to the Jarl Markel that his petty problem with the Dook is already solved. After this, return to me. And remember that you must finish all this quickly, you must have some extra time before 3 am. If you will be late, then you have to take the night guard at the docks tomorrow and the whole day will be lost. That is all, time is already ticking away, hurry and be careful out there.

Wait! Do not try to search for this secret entrance to the underground levels in the Dook's place. You could probably see it on the map, but you cannot just go there now. The Dook is too smart to leave it wide opened for anyone to come and enter as they pleased. I will check my sources and learn what I can, and only then with new information you will return to this place later specifically for the underground dungeon.  Moreover, you could be much stronger in comparison to the time when you first met me, but you are still no match for those who live down there in the Dook's dungeon. So, save this bit for later occasion.
Stop it! Can't you see that I am sleeping here? You are late anyway to go to the docks. I told you that you must return before 3am. Now what do you want from me in the middle of the night? No, I do not want to hear what you have been doing all the day. It could certainly wait until morning and now I want to sleep! I advice you to do the same right away. And please, be kind enough not to snore as a drunken mountain troll or I swear I'll throw something very heavy at you! Now turn the light off and good night!

Hey, hero! Wake up! Are you in lethargy or what? Aha, I know, you want to avoid the world saving duty this way. Hah! No way! Stand up, soldier!
What time? It is 2am already! You have slept 24 hours. How much more do you need, you sleeping beauty? No, you cannot sleep ten more minutes. In 2.55 precisely, you should be already in the docks taking your night shift of docks guarding duty, of course it is if you ever want to make you Luggage to Mercenary. Oh, you are awake now. Okay, listen your disposition.
Night Guard Duty at the Docks
You go to the docks now, and do not be late again! Wait until the relieving guard will leave, then walk a little bit from the docks - you are too easy target standing out there all alone - and wait for the uninvited night guests to come. They will not be too long to wait for. When you will finish with all the bandits, stay on your post until the end of the shift - 6am. The bandits will come all together, so there will be no any further attacks, you can relax and press the button *R* for one hour intervals until the time of shift end will come. Just remember that you must not be too close to the docks when you will be fighting the bandits. They are the clever bastards and some of them could try to escape by throwing themselves to the water. Should it happen, you would have to dive after them and fight underwater, and I would advice you to prevent this. You must be sure, that you have killed all of them, or the quest will not be considered as done.

At 6am, the merchant will come to the docks - ease his mind by telling him that everything is fine. He will be happy and you will receive the promotion for your Luggage.
Do not go anywhere from the docks after that - I will come shortly to you there.
How it was? No swimming tours chasing the escaping bandits this time? That is good. Listen, I suddenly remembered that you still did not sell the brew here. What do you mean it is yours? No, you promised and you must keep your promise. So, what do you do now.
Selling the Brew Errand and Trip to Frosgard for Training
You will go to the tavern and offer this new brew to the lady innkeeper. She will certainly ask you, who did the stuff - a master or an apprentice. Be smart and tell her that of course you cannot offend her by offering something made by a mere apprentice. The brew was made by the master, from big M and nobody else. 

With this done, you will have to do the quick trip to Frosgard - tell to the barkeeper there that you sold his brew. Use this opportunity as you are in Frosgard anyway, and drop in the training hall - you need to train and take away all fat you got on your body by long hours of sleeping and too much eating.

Divide your skill points mainly between meditation and magic skills. Do not forget to raise your level in Merchant skill beforehand - the better you can haggle, the lower will be the price for your training. Moreover, you will be able to sell all the stuff you do not need any more for much higher price.
When you will finish you training, wait for the drakkar to Lindisfarne. I will be waiting for you there. Do not worry; I am confident that you will be able to do everything by yourself.
Lindisfarne Monastery yard
Hi, glad to see you back sound and alive. Okay, let us go take promotion from Crusader to Paladin for your Luggage. The promoter is Grehgknak the Right and he could be usually found at the local Monastery courtyard.
While we are in the town, you can also visit the famous Ta'Sar Academy and pick up the Book of Rules the Guberland Jarl asked you to bring him.
Lindisfarne Monastery - Promoter to Paladin
Now you can fight your way to the Monastery much easier than the first time. Use Poison and crash everything on your way. When you come to the Monastery, go to the inner yard and find the monk in the blue robe. This will be Grehgknak - the promoter. Tell him that you,  well, technically speaking one of your Luggages, but it doesn't matter really; well, tell the monk that you are the great hero, who is destined to save the world and so on, and to fulfill your destiny you urgently require assistance in becoming a Paladin. 
The monk will not reject you, eh... Luggage, do not you worry, and tell you what you need to do to get the promotion.
It is definitely a terrible shortage of applications for Paladin rank, as they are accepting even the travel accessories for the promotion. Who would think that the world would come to that? Next thing there will be furniture with paladin insignia. Oh, well, what I was talking about?  
When you will receive the promotion quest to paladin for your Luggage, go out of the Monastery and head toward the Ta'Sar Academy. Remember I have shown you the path to it - the upper passage. I will be waiting for you outside the Academy.
Ta'Sar Academy
Hey, hey, easy, it is me, not a Thrall. You are nearly berserk after all this fighting with the Thralls. You do not like them, do you? They are not that bad, actually Okay, okay, I keep my silence. Everyone has his own tastes or distastes. Now I suggest you sleep for a while, as the Thralls give you some trouble too, and you need to rest.

Hi again, feeling better? Okay, then. Listen to me and listen carefully.
You enter the Academy. From the entrance to the right at once. Cross the room and walk out to the hallway. What? Of course, there will be guards! Do you expect to have such the Academy to stand without any guards? If it would be so, I would send you here at the beginning of your journey, not when you finally gained some experience. Anyway, at the entrance there is not so many of the guards; they are on patrol at more important locations inside the building.

Now, do not interrupt me again. In the hallway, you will see two more of the guards - deal with them and try not to do too much noise. Save and switch Quick Spell to Elemental Blast. Walk along the hallway till the first passage to the left - it leads to the central chamber. Stand at the entrance to the passage and shoot at the guards from there. Do not come out of the passage to the open. You do not want to give your enemy a chance to circle around and attack from behind. However, some of the guards could come to you from the next passage - in this case, it is the turn to use Elemental Blast. It will help. 

Even when you will be standing alone among the fallen enemy, do not be in a hurry to enter the chamber. First, you need to switch Quick Spell back to Poison and only after that emerge from the passage. In the chamber to the left side, you will see the last protector - the captain of the guard - he will be your last serious enemy there. When you best him, you will undoubtedly need time to sleep and rest. Do it and do not forget to save the game.

Your task in the academy is to find the Book of Rules. It is not only protected by the guards, but it is also hidden in one of the secret rooms of the Academy. There are special instructions how to gain entrance to this room and in order to find those instructions you need to find the way to prove that you are not a stranger to the Academy.
Four books in Ta'Sar Academy
You can do this by putting four books that lie on the table to different sections of the library. The books are all about military disciplines and you must place them in the correct order. 

You cannot miss these four books - they are lying in plain sight. Take one and only one book at a time and check its title.  Behind the table with the four books, there are the stairs up to the second and third levels of the Academy library. On each level, there are the tables with the books lying on them - one book per table. Click on each book and learn what military discipline it is - tactics, strategy and so on.  Find the discipline your book is related, and put it on the appropriate table.
Even if you put a book on the wrong table - no problem, you can always pick it up again and correct your mistake. As soon as you place all four books on the designated tables, the secret door will open automatically. It should be on one of the levels. No, the Book of Rules is not there yet, but the instructions how to get it will be. The letter is in code, so you will have some practice in decoding skill.  Do not worry; it is an easy code - alphabetical. I will give you a hint - it seems that those, who like to do everything from backward wrote this letter.
Book of Rules from Ta'Sar Academy
Now it is time to collect your prize - the Book of Rules. From the chamber there are the stairs leading to another chamber looking like a laboratory. Go there and turn right to the bookshelf. This bookshelf is this secret door to the hidden room. There is one book on the bookshelf, which opens the door. Of course, it is hidden, and you will have to click on the books until you find it. It is not that easy but you can manage it - just look carefully from different angles and you will spot it. As soon as you will press the right book, the bookshelf will begin to turn - here you need to hurry and quickly squeeze through the rotating bookshelf inside the hidden room.  There you will take the Book of Rules.
Do not forget to inspect the whole building of the Academy thoroughly. Look for chests, barrels, hidden treasures and other valuable stuff. Do it before you pick up the Book of Rules. Read some books in the library - there is a lot to learn on military disciplines there and you need to improve in both strategy and tactics.
However, do not believe everything that is written in the books, always analyze its content. Mere people write the books and they could be mistaken. One book there says if you would drink from the cup of the great lich or something, then you will be invincible. Children tales! Yes, the cup is on display there in the Academy but it is only the cup among the many, nothing more.

When you will finish with the Academy and the Book of Rules will be safely in your backpack, then simply cast Town Portal spell and you will be transported directly to Thronheim (there is no town portal altar in Lindisfarne). From there we will sail to Sturmford.
Ta' Sar Academy in Lindisfarne has not only the great collection of the military disciplines books, but the nice collection of the cups too.

Greetings! Are you the lonely hero who is traveling around Chedian looking for adventures and saving the world under the tutelage of the old warrior? You are? Okay, then the Chedian postal service is happy to give you the message addressed to you. Have a nice adventuring!

"Sorry, some urgent business required my immediate presence in Sturmford. Come to the tavern there at once."