Might and Magic IX Walkthrough
by BES the Black Dragon
page 8
"It was very nice talking to you, but I am afraid I must leave you. My brave adventurer just entered the tavern. And thank you again for the information about the mines. See you later."
Glad that you make it. You are looking good. Now go upstairs and sell everything you don't need, then come back and join me here in the common room, I'll be waiting for you there, in that corner. Wait, do not forget to look for the potion bottles, the ones that heal disease and poison effects.

I see your purse is much heavier now. It is good. What is bad, that you forgot to hide it from the plain sight. Do not tempt anyone. There are different characters that come and go here.

Now, speaking about the business at hand. It is time you fix this quest with mines. I learnt some valuable information and you are ready to go there.
Dwarven Mines
Exit the town. Look at the map. The mines are to the right from the town behind the mountains. Because of the fact that you have your shortcomings and cannot fly, you have to walk around these mountains. There will be resistance down the way, but in your present condition, it is nothing serious. You are experienced enough to deal with all problems by you own.

When you finally come to the mines, enter and walk forward. There are still several Dwarves left in the mines according to my sources. You must find them all and speak with them, but better to do one task at a time. First, you need to speak with the Dwarf, who is standing in the entrance hallway. He was the master responsible for mines maintenance or something, and he will tell you about the problem and show you the big hole in the floor.

Sleep, save, check that Poison was set as the quick spell, then move into the hole and jump down to the lower level. The lower level has been drowned with water. Well, it is only for good, quick bath has not been bad for anyone, if you ask me. I only hope that you would not forget to cast all necessary spells beforehand, the usual bunch - Torch Light, Wizard Eye and so on.
Your enemy there will be Troglodytes. They would be not so bad if they did not do poison and disease on you - you did not forget to buy the potions, did you?

You need to clean all tunnels from the troglodytes' infestation and fight your way to the main mining machine. I was told that not far from it in some lower chamber there should be another Dwarf - Master of Operations or something, who is still looking after the machine. He will tell you what is necessary to do to fix the machine and what master you need to find in the town to repair this thing. My guess would be that they still use the service of the one who lives near the Temple. However, he refused to speak with me and only grumbled something incoherent. Perhaps, some internal Dwarven quarrel or something, maybe he waits when the dwarves in trouble will humbly call for his help. The dwarves could be very touchy, you know.
Quick Errands in the Town
As long as you took this quest and got yourself in the middle of all this Dwarven business, I am sure you will have to run back and forth a lot before it will be all settled down. To save the time and your feet, you had better use Town Portal when you need to return to the town from the mines after the conversation with the master near the machine.

Use this opportunity to finish all loose ends in the town. Visit the Jarl. Speak with him about the letter they give you in the Lindisfarne monastery for promotion quest to Paladin. After the Jarl's place, go right away to the Arena. There just follow the received instructions. You are a big boy now and can do everything by yourself. After that, you will have to go to the Jarl again. Most probably, he would ask you to find a person. According to my information, you need the one, who is working in the general store that is on the other side from the weapon shop. When you find him and speak with the guy, then you can return to Jarl Sven to report. This will be it for a time being with this promotion.

Then you will need to convince this damned stubborn Dwarven master to repair the mining machine. In the worst case, you will have to pay him from your own pocket. I guess 1000 gold coins will be a sufficient fee. When he accepts the payment, he simply cannot refuse to go and repair the machinery.
Stealing Problem
Hi! Why are you so sad? Was it that you were met with side-glances in Sturmford? Well, this cannot be helped as very bad rumors are circulating around the town. You know what they are all about? Now, listen, it is important and concerns you directly.
As you can remember during your first visit here in the town, all the shops were always opened for you and all the clerks were dying from the desire to sell you something. This is the rural place and people are very trusting. However, after you left the town, something strange happened. In the magical shop, which is in the second part of the town - you know, not far from the weapon shop, they missed some things there. The merchandise was not very valuable and the clerks thought that the goods have been simply misplaced and would eventually be found.

Then you visited the town second time. And guess what? Things that are much more valuable disappeared from the same store. Can you guess whom did the storeowner suspect in stealing? You!

You are not openly proclaimed as the thief yet, but the rumors are already spreading around the town, and I think your first priority now is to clean your name by finding a man who is responsible for all this stealing. Otherwise, you can be sure that all stores in Chedian would close their doors before your nose in the nearest future.
Therefore, you go right away to the Town Hall. Find there the local major - he is on the third floor - and ask him is something strange going on in the town or not. Offer him your help.

I checked here around and I have my own suspicions about the identity of the real thief. It could be a person who worked in this store. He is the head of the family. So, after the visit to the major, go and check this clue. Their house is nearby. Talk with the son about the family and how do they live, and so on.

Then go to the magical store in the second part of the town and speak directly with the lady, who owns the place about these missing things. Be bold or you would never clean your name.

After this visit, go to the Temple and at the backside of it you will find the man, who I think has been doing all the stealing. It was the last place people have seen him.  Speak with him and accuse him of stealing. Tell him that you are doing the citizen arrest and will escort him to the town prison at once.

Then, return to the Town Hall. On the ground floor to the right, there are the cells and the guard should be somewhere nearby. Speak with the guard and tell him that you have found the real thief and brought him to the prison. The guard will put the thief in the cell.
Do not pay any attention that you cannot see this thief beside you and that the cell looks empty. It is an illusion. The quest is done anyway. It is the BUG.
After this, go back to the family house and inform the son about the bad news that his father is in the prison from now on. I think that he would be very upset and will cry that now they would certainly starve to death, as they have nothing to eat. Probably the best course of action in this situation is to advice this healthy young person to find a job and begin to earn money with honest work.

Then, return to the magical shop and tell the shop owner that you can offer her a new employer instead of this stealing father of the family. I guess, she will agree to take the youngster to work. You have cleared your name completely by catching the real thief and she will trust you now.

Return to the son and tell him that he could begin to work at once. I do not think that he will be so happy at this perspective of working instead of wasting his time, but your job would be done, and you will need only to return to the tavern, where I will be waiting for you as usual.
Drangheim - Guberland trip
Yes, I know that you have done everything. The rumors came here faster than you do. Everyone is talking in the town about nothing else than how you caught the real thief. However, I do not think that you have any time to celebrate this little accomplishment. You have unfinished business in Guberland and drakkar is leaving in a couple of minutes. Hurry on we must catch it. However, we need first to go to Drangheim.

Hurry on. We need to change to the drakkar leaving for Guberland. This stupid system is killing me! Why I cannot sail directly from Sturmford to Guberland? Why I must go to Drangheim every time?

Oh, we nearly missed it. I am going to sleep and do not even try to wake me up until we enter Guberland harbor.
Are we already there? Is it Guberland?
Well, then go ashore and visit the Jarl. Give him the Book of Rules you got from Ta'Sar Academy. If you will not be able to return back before the drakkar will leave, then catch the next one and we will meet in Thjorgard.
Back to the Dwarven Mines
The repair master will come to the mines by his own means; you need to follow him there. Go directly to the broken machine, the repairman should be already there.  Check that he fixed the machine. I am used to the Dwarven long ways of repairing and construction works - they are brilliant builders, but they always forget some tiny super important detail, which must be fetched immediately from a town warehouse or nothing could be done at all. Undoubtedly, you will have a pleasure to pass through this part of the Dwarven repair work too.  Do not let your frustration show - it will only raise his self-importance in his eyes and he would find some more excuses prolonging the work. When the machine will be finally fixed, sigh with relief and go down to the chamber where there is the Dwarven Master of Operations - report to him that the job is done.

Now you have already done two parts of restoring the Dwarven mines - clean them from Troglodytes and fixed the mining machine. The third part is still ahead.

Return to the entrance of the mines and take now the right hallway. There should be another Dwarf - responsible for this section of the mines. There is some problem there too. I have heard that they mined as crazy there and were stopped by some very strange wall with the power emanating from it. The miners were afraid that some god or other supernatural being is dwelling or was imprisoned there, threw all their equipment and ran away.  Now they are waiting for someone to clear this out and I guess you are their best shot. Tell the Dwarf that you are dealing with such things by dozens before breakfast and boldly go ahead to the wall.

It is the pure physical work - so use your muscles and crash this wall. Do not leave even one red glowing stone in the wall. It is important, as these stones are undoubtedly the source of special magical shield. I am curious what would you find behind this wall, but I am sure that there is absolutely nothing dangerous there for such a mighty hero as you have become.

Inspect all the tunnels in that section of the mines - it could be valuable ore lying on the surface there. Dwarves made priceless weapons from this ore in the ancient times, but now the secret is lost and there are no masters left who could do such weapons, but the ore is still valued high and you can get very good price for it in the town.

Then return to the waiting Dwarf and give him the good news, that you have cleared their mystery with the strange wall and they can resume digging to the glory of the Dwarven mining reputation.

With this done, do Town Portal directly to the town and report to the Jarl - he owns you the reward for the job well done. Do not let him forget about his promise. You know, that he will join the combined forces if you do all his quests. You did your part of the bargain, now it is his turn. 

After all this hard work come back to the tavern where I will be waiting for you as usual. Good luck!

It is good that you returned, I am leaving and I did not know with whom leave the message for you. Listen, you need to go to Lindisfarne right away. There finish with the promotion to Paladin. Make your Luggage a paladin and hurry to Frosgard. You know where you can find me there.
Look how the life of the adventurer and world saviour becomes you! Look at these iron hard muscles, at this battle grace of the experienced soldier, at these wise eyes of the skilled spellcaster. I am proud of you. However, it does not mean that your learning ends. Of course, you are not a rookie anymore, but you are still a long way to be called the veteran.  And what you need now is training.
Therefore, go do your training, divide your skill points and return back - then we will talk.

Okay, ready? Now, listen what is on the schedule. First, you need to visit the Green Man. Recently I learnt for certain that he possesses a powerful artifact and you need it. Here are the instructions.
Trip to the Green Man
Walk out of the town and move straight ahead. You need the first turn to the left. Actually, the way is blocked only by few wolves, which are no match for you now. However, there are also Yetis there and they are far more dangerous than the wolves. When you will finish with the wolves do not rush along the passage. Walk carefully and as soon as you would hear the shouts, stand with your back to the wall at once; it would be even better if you will have time to find some small ledge on the rock face and stand on it - this will give you the tactical advantage of the higher position.  The secret here is that the Yetis live on the top of the mountains and when they see an intruder, they simply jump down to the passage.
Yetis live only in cold climate
The battle will be serious. Use only Poison spell. When it will be finished, do not go anywhere. Lie down and sleep right there, move further only after you will restore your strength.
Look at the map. You need the next passage that leads to the right. Do not go yet to the frozen ice tunnels to the left - it is not the right time for them, believe me.
Before you arrive to the lands of the Green Man you will have to meet with enemy once again, however it is nothing in comparison to the previous battle.

Find the Green Man and talk with him. He will tell you what you need to do in order to promote your Luggage to the Druid rank. As soon as you will have the information, cast Town Portal and jump back to the town. 
I will be waiting you at the Town Portal altar. The time is precious, so hurry and good luck!
Hi! Wait, let me look at you. Why your face has this strange greenish coloration? Are you a member of the Green Man party now? Okay, okay, do not be offended, I love nature too. Now, tell me what the green guy told you.
Well, well, he is definitely missing all the fuss around his figure.  The signs of worshipping, the worshippers begging the Green Man to come back, the rune stones, the pole. That is all so childish. Frankly, I have expected more serious stuff from the old greeny. Well, it is not in my habit to complain for the favours granted by the fate and I advice you to follow the same rule.

So, run around the town, chat with the locals, it is bound to be at least half a dozen persons in Frosgard who are simply dying from the desire to see the Green Man again. This would be a sight!  There is not so many who can claim that they have seen him in the past couple of the generations. Then visit Jarl Tryggva and speak with him about the rune stones. I have heard that he is the follower of the old rules and he would not refuse you in your request. Then the only thing left will be to find the master, who can do the maypole.

With all these errands done, return to the Green Man with the best news, he has heard in years, and take your promotion and reward.
The Frost Giant Castle
Now it is time for the second unique character of Frosgard - the Frost Giant. Remember the ice tunnels I told you not to go - this time you must walk them to the portal, which leads directly to the castle of the Frost Giant floating in the skies.

The Giant is literally the giant and he is very hard to kill in direct confrontation even for me, and for you it is simply an impossible thing to do. Moreover, I don't think it would be very good for your reputation to be directly involved in the death of such a prominent Chedian character as the Frost Giant. You have already had enough involvement in strange occurrences in the land as it is.
Portal leading to the Frost Giant Castle floating in the skies above Frosgard
Therefore, everything should look like a tragic accident, not a killing. You know what I am talking about - the kind of accident when you are walking around after the afternoon tea and suddenly the stone block, the meter long icicle or some other heavy thing landed directly on your head. The result is obvious and the tragic unpredictable accident is there for anyone to see.

Of course, I doubt that there are loose bricks large enough for the Giant somewhere in his castle. And despite his castle being built from the ice, there are no forgotten dangerously unstable icicles there too - he has enough Yetis and other servants to maintain his castle in the best possible order. However, there is always a chance that the Giant himself could fall. The question is only that the height from which he falls should be sufficient for such giant as he is to call it a tragic accident.

Now it is time again for my priceless private sources of information. I have spoken with one construction engineer, who inspected the Frost Giant castle some time ago. It took me a long time and some substantial donation to the local construction fund but he agreed to part with the sensitive information about some technical shortcomings of the castle.

The castle is the ancient structure and usually it has its reconstruction and complete maintenance service every hundred years, however because of all the recent troubles around during these past centuries there were no repair works inside the castle within the last 300 years. The engineer was there exactly because of this reason - to analyze the scope of the future works.
He said that there is the serious problem in structural integrity of the castle, which should be fixed, as soon as possible, because it already represents the hazard to the Frost Giant. Should he be the usual weight, it would be no problem, but with his mass it could be a disaster. 

The engineer wrote the report, but then something happened between him and the Yetis, who watched over his progress and he had to run from the castle or be eaten. Therefore, the Giant still doesn't know anything about the results of the inspection. However, I know them and you will know too if you would mind and listen to me instead of eating this girl with your eyes.
The secret is in the floors of the castle. They are reinforced by the beams, but the beams are old and fragile. If something would happen with the beams and the Giant would step on the section of the floor directly above these beams, then he will simply fall down all the way to the earth below and there will be this tragic accident. I agree that there is a lot of 'if' here but you are dealing with the Giant and it is a hard case.

Unfortunately, I do not have too much information beside what I have already told you. It happened so, that the engineer has had a weak heart and when I began to shift to my true form he simply died in front of me.
A tragic accident could happen with anyone, even with the Frost Giant.
No, there was no killing! It was the accident, I swear! So, you will have to go only with the partial knowledge about the castle but I am sure you will manage; you have a lot of experience already how to behave in the tough situations. 
However, I can give you some advises from my own remembrance of the castle when I was there the last time. As soon as you enter, save and take the first hallway to the left. When the door will begin to open, stand at once with your back to the wall near the columns to avoid being surrounded by Yetis from all sides. Finish with this group, check the room, look at the health, sleep it over, save and only then move to the next room.
Remember to set Poison as Quick Spell and use it as much as you can.

When you walk upstairs to the big hallway there will be the library on your left side - explore it. There should be a note with summary of the engineer's report about the castle problems. 

Then check the next room along the hallway. After this, walk the hallway straight ahead and eventually you will reach the great chamber. Take the left side and enter the first door to your left. According to the engineer's testimony there should be the black chest with artifact inside. He did not know which artifact but something valuable enough to be hidden like that.
After this room you need to go ahead till the long hallway, where you must turn right and reach the spot where two passages lead to yet another hallway. You take the right passage. Immediately to the right there will be the Thralls' room.  Deal with them and go to the bookshelf standing in the room - click on the bookshelf and the hidden door will open before you. The engineer told me that this hidden door is the key to the secret and more will be cleared after reading his note in the library.

However, he gave me this parchment and said that it is very important.
Location of the secret door in the Frost Giant castle
After you create the tragic accident for the Frost Giant, you can inspect the whole castle at your leisure and kill everyone there if you want. It is a good place to earn extra experience.

Just remember one thing - you must avoid by any means the direct confrontation with the Frost Giant, hide from him and do not go in the throne room where he is usually staying. However, it could be so that you will have to play a sitting duck and lure the Giant out to the spot with unstable floor. Of course, you could be lucky and the Giant would come out and step on the treacherous floor all by himself, but who knows.

Should you fortune would be sour and you will be playing hide-and-seek game with the Frost Giant, do not forget to cast Feather Fall as you will be falling along with the Giant all the way down till the ice covered waters of Frosgard fjord. The passage you need to bring the Giant will be the one that is right ahead from the place you appeared in the castle from the teleport.

Remember that the quest will not be considered done if you kill the Giant by any other way than the tragic accident. Public would not tolerate any more of the adventuring escapades now. 

When you will finish everything in the castle and will be ready to leave, you can use both exit ways (of course if you did not play hide-and-seek with the Frost Giant before).  You can either cast Town Portal or simply jump through the hole in the floor the Giant fell. Just remember to switch Feather Fall on, while you will be experiencing the wonderful feeling of the free fall - I have heard it is the only way for you humans to feel the joy of flying. Sometimes, I pity you.  

Oh, nearly forgot. There is something about children there in the castle, that they are imprisoned in the cages. In my opinion, you better ignore them. After you returned from the Frost Giant Castle train yourself and go to Drangheim where I will be waiting for you.