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Might versus Magic
and Order Magic in particular
in Heroes of Might and Magic IV
Written by PipBoyX, the 24th of April, 2002
Okay, first I'm a might lover, and I really, really hate magic, but in order to kill wizards I have to learn magic first @_@.

However, this game isn't just about development and built troops in your castle, I found disappointed that most people are talking experience value and development tactics, instead of combat, which is less mentioned. Combat is also very important.

Anyway, I found order magic is truly powerful, and very tactical combining both spells that cause direct damage (Ice bolt etc) and indirect damage (create illusion etc); defensive and offensive spells. It seems in different situations order magic just has different solutions. Just some simple examples:

Displacement/Teleport: obviously two of the best spells in the game, very powerful in siege battles, I use to cast displacement to move enemy troops down from shooting tower and it made the impossible battle merely challenging, especially good if keeping in mind that displacement is a low level spell and you can get it very early.

Create Illusion/Phantom Image: these two rocks!! I still don't understand why they put create illusion as a second level spell, although create illusion and natural magic can summon similar amount HP, but create illusion can create anything you want, and let's don't forget genie is just another creating machine. The only effective way to block this spell is dispel, but other towns don't really have dispel spell, (yes, you can get it, but most people will concentrate on their first class first). This makes order town truly powerful just because of these two spells.

Berserk/Blind/Forgetfulness/Hypnotise: no need to talk much about these spells. Very tactical spells again. Speaking about hypnotise, I always wonder whether this spell is too powerful?

Banish: all right, is this spell specially designed for preserve? I didn't realize banish can deal such a great amount of damage until I used it.

Let's don't forget slow, mass slow, cowardice etc.

Anyway, I found ALL order magic are useful, there is no waste of a plot, compare to natural magic/chaos magic. While a high level druid will almost always go for high level summoning spell, and a high level sorcerer would rather cast lighting instead of magic arrow; every order spell has their own usefulness on battlefield, even first level order spells are still very useful regardless you are at high level or not.

Okay!! Something I really interested in is how to fight against order magic.
Honestly I haven't found a truly effective way, the only way I can think of is 'use order to fight order', such as dispel against illusion, teleport against teleport etc. Natural magic is piece of crap against order (as I said before, a create illusion is better than any level of natural magic), chaos seems concentrated on direct damage, and I haven't played much life and death yet, but it seems academy is going to be my biggest threat, damn, I hate magic.

What do you think? Any ideas how to slay these spell slaves?